How to choose a pillow

Everyone knows how important it is to have proper rest during sleep. We have no doubt that a quality anatomical mattress is not a whim, but a vital necessity. In this case, few people think about the importance of such an accessory as a pillow. And in vain!

Think about whether you would buy a car with 3 wheels without the possibility to add it to the fourth? It is unlikely, because in this case the machine will not be able to perform its key function. The same thing happens when we acquire an anatomical mattress and do not supplement it with a quality pillow. In this case, the beneficial properties of the mattress will be manifested only by 80%.

How to choose a pillow to ensure yourself and your family a healthy and full sleep?

The first thing to note is that there are no right and wrong pillows, there are incorrectly chosen pillows. Each person is an individual, and what is suitable for one may be unacceptable for the second.

Pillows differ in shape, height, stiffness and type of filler. When selecting these parameters, one should be guided by such factors as gender, age, shoulder width, preferred posture during sleep, mattress rigidity.


Pillow height

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the height of the pillow should correspond to the width of the shoulder. To find out the width of your shoulder, you need to measure a segment from the point of the base of the neck to the shoulder point with a ruler or centimeter tape. If a person sleeps on his back or abdomen, he needs a lower pillow than when sleeping on his side. Also, the pillow for a man should be higher than for a woman.
For sleeping on the back fit pillow height 8-10cm.
For those who prefer to sleep on the back and on the side, pillows are recommended from 10-13cm high
For those who like to sleep on their sides, pillows are suitable from 10 to 14 cm in height.
If you sleep on your stomach, choose the lowest models from 6 to 8 cm.
If the mattress is soft, then the pillow should be lower than when sleeping on a harder surface.


Pillow shape

Pillows can have a classic shape, that is, rectangular / square or the so-called anatomical shape - with neck rollers. If you sleep on your side, a pillow with rollers of different heights will suit you, if you have a classic shape on your back. Square pillows are long gone. Orthopedic specialists in 1 voice declare that the pillow should not fall under the shoulders. It should support the head and neck.


Pillow stiffness

The stiffness of the pillow is also determined by the posture during sleep. Those who are accustomed to sleeping on their sides need a hard pillow that supports the head and neck well. For people who are more comfortable to sleep on their backs, you can choose a medium stiffness pillow, and those who like to sleep on their stomachs need a softer pillow.


Pillow filler

The filler and material of the pillow is the most important parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing it. The supporting capacity of the pillow, as well as the ability to ensure the correct position of your spine during sleep, depends on their properties.

Latex, anatomical foam, shape memory foam, and Taktile material are considered the highest quality fillers. They provide good head support and have excellent performance over a longer period of time.

Pillows made of down, feathers, buckwheat husks, padding polyester and other soft fillers to a lesser extent support the cervical spine, as they tend to wrinkle. In addition, such pillows are recommended to be changed 1 time in half a year, since they can form allergens and disease-causing organisms.



Pillows from down and feathers

They provide air exchange, absorb moisture, regulate heat transfer. Especially soft and comfortable products are obtained from goose and duck down. Disadvantages: high risk of allergic reaction to dust mite excrement (they settle in the filler), the need for regular drying and disinfection. In addition, after five years, the feather collapses, the pillow loses its elasticity.



Natural springy and soft foam rubber material. Latex filler has high bactericidal and orthopedic properties. The pillow perfectly reproduces the outlines of the head and neck, and then restores the former shape. The service life of the product (without loss of performance) is about 20 years.


Vegetable fillers

Their advantages: massage and aromatherapy effects, good air circulation. Now at the peak of popularity are buckwheat pillows, easily taking the form of the neck and head and at the same time gently massaging the skin. Such products have enough disadvantages too: increased rigidity, rustling of the cushion contents, laborious care (airing, dry cleaning, disinfection). After 2-3 years, the filler has to be changed due to wear.

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